World Cup Tracker Spreadsheet

It’s all kicking off today!

As I said in my last article, I can’t claim to be the world’s biggest sports fan most of the time. You may recall that I created a tracker for the European Championships a couple of years ago, and I had thought I might not update it for the World Cup this year. However, I’ve had so many emails asking me where it is, that I’ve given in. At the eleventh hour, I’m very pleased to let you know that it’s ready!

Just to prove that even a girl like me can make something of the rules and regulations, I’ve worked through the win, draw, lose points system, learned about goal differences, goals for and against and FIFA rankings and made you your very own World Cup tracker – on a spreadsheet. Luckily I didn’t need to explain any other rules!

Starting today, you can enter in the scores and see everything calculated for you and know who’s going to be playing who next. I’ve even put all the dates in so you won’t miss anything.

All you have to do is subscribe to, or make sure you’re on, my mailing list and I’ll send it to you as a gift immediately.

Then you just need to get the beers in.


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