Spreadsheet Design Services

Why Spreadsheets?

No matter how many systems a company has, or how big they are, the majority of data is still exported to Excel for critical decision making analysis.

Most businesses own Microsoft software and probably have several office systems that use it. However, not all users are aware of the huge capability that Excel has and how they probably already own the software that can rapidly provide all the business intelligence that they need in a way that’s bespoke to them.
So I use Microsoft Excel:
• because most business owners know what to do with it
• because I can add interactivity, calculations and rapidly develop it when your needs change
• because I can program it to automate just about anything you regularly spend time doing
• because you probably already own it
… and it’s a cost-effective way to build an amazing tool. It’s not just a spreadsheet!

Joanne Sparkes with spreadsheet mug

Business Intelligence Dashboards

To make the vision real, all businesses need to know their numbers; both financial figures and key performance indicators such as leads, new customers and the cost of conversion.

A Dashboard brings data together in to one, company branded, user friendly interface. When numbers are entered regularly then meaningful charts and graphics can be displayed, showing progress and what should happen next to take the business owner where they want to be.

Automated Office Systems

The same tasks are often performed in office documents over and over again. Maybe data is imported in to spreadsheets to perform analysis on, formulas are copied and pasted, and users try to see how to filter information to get the best results. Perhaps businesses want to produce quotations for their clients but first have to do some budgeting and pricing calculations. Sometimes they do these in a spreadsheet and then try and pass the figures accurately to other documents. How to perform the calculations isn’t always systemised.

Expedio creates the tools in Excel to automate whole processes like this and enables businesses to have all in one, bespoke applications that can be used with confidence by anyone in a company, as part of their unique systems.

In the quotation and ordering system left, only relevant accessories are shown for each product selected, allowing a quote to be built up. The completed document is formatted for printing and can be emailed at the click of button from inside the spreadsheet.

We’ve created accounting systems (from simple analysed cashbooks and invoice production to income and expense recording including VAT reporting), budgeting systems for events and project management tools.

Spreadsheets can even be interactive and very dynamic. The tool on the right translated quickly in to other languages at the press of a button. The same tool could then be used anywhere in the world.

Calculators and Tools

Your spreadsheets don’t have to have gridlines. There’s none visible in these calculators, nor are there any sheet tabs. Movement around the workbooks are with buttons and menus. Any kind of calculator can be well laid out and data entry only allowed where needed. Formulas are locked.

This tool for call centre staffing is based on Erlang-C formula. We coded it from first principles and it’s available for download from Call Centre Helper.

We’ve also created a forecasting tool based on Holt-Winters that will forecast the next 12 periods based on historical data.

Surveys and Data Analysis

Do you want to analyse customer responses and surveys? We’ve done these for pharmaceutical companies, for retail shops and for call centres. We can give you dropdown boxes for selecting particular answers and matrices for giving you a score. The responses can be passed for analysis behind the scenes and only the results displayed.

Making Data Beautiful

Data comes at businesses from everywhere, sometimes in huge volume. Pulling out the information that is important, performing calculations on it and then displaying it in a way that means something when presented to others can be intimidating and overwhelming.

We specialise in displaying data in the most accurate but visual form possible so that it can be easily understood, whether it’s charts of sales and manufacturing data or whether it’s complicated information distilled down to simple infographics. We’ve helped companies analyse global sales data of with new data being automatically imported for quarterly management reporting. Charts and reports are then exported to PowerPoint for straightforward presentation.s.

Expedio takes care of all the statistics and calculations and enables businesses to have all the information they need to make decisions or persuade others.

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