What my clients say

Jo showed so much patience, care and understanding whilst I fought my way through formulas, data, no understanding of Excel and reporting to bring my product to market.

I thought my formulas were nailed, then they weren’t; then again, I thought they were, then they weren’t 🤷‍♀️ Eventually I got there but it took Joanne and her expertise to guide me, support me, encourage me and ask questions that enabled me to stay on track with my purpose.

I honestly cannot wait to meet you in person and thank you properly! You are brilliant, patient and oh so wise ❤️
Nicky Bartley
Director, Thrive & Shine
Joanne is an absolute genius at making spreadsheets and dashboards, and you can tell how passionate she is about them. Her spreadsheets are more like websites than ordinary gridlines and formulas. It would be really cool for all business owners to have a dashboard where they can see their weekly figures on speedometers and amazing visuals.
Andy Willcox
Chief Marketing Officer, Entrepreneurs Circle
My company is a chain of estate agents with four offices in South-East London. I am very keen to know every penny coming in and out so that I have a great grasp on our financials. However, I was finding that I was using many different spreadsheets to facilitate this which was time consuming and had lots of duplication. I then met Jo Sparkes at a conference. Following a discussion with Jo I knew that I had to use her services. She took the figures from each office and collated a master figures sheet, creating a really easy to use spreadsheet which avoided double-entries and time consuming inputting. It even calculates the payroll sheet along with P&L’s to ensure mistakes can’t be made. I feel that I am IT savvy but I did not know how clever Excel was. Thanks to Jo as this has really transformed my work ethic meaning I have more time running my business and making more money!
Simon Hughes
Director, Conran Estates
The complex sheets and calculators Jo prepared for us have made a huge impact and saved significant time. Jo was particularly impressive in the way she understood our requirements and then delivered incredibly quickly. I can’t recommend her enough.
Andy Solomon
Founder and CEO, Yomdel
Slowly the list of ‘Excel experts’ who said they could do what I needed dwindled down until there was only one “Jo” and she turned out the spreadsheet just as I requested. I cannot praise her enough; she was the only one who was able to do this for me. She is truly in a league of her own!
John Wickham
Director, Flexible Heating Finance Ltd
I asked Jo to create me a spreadsheet, but it’s a lot more than that, it’s a way of bringing all my figures in to one place each week and I can visualise it for the whole year. It’s made looking at my business and knowing where I am each day, really easy to see.
Keith Crockford
Director, Rock and Rapid Adventures
Having found Jo after great search, we’ve never had one single thought to look anywhere else. She is simply the best there is, always going above and beyond! Service and customer service is her number one priority always. We are a two person management consulting business with an office in London UK and Michigan USA. We are on the road globally with business most of the time. Without Jo we would never have been able to grow our business as successfully as we have.
Lorrie MacGilvray
Director, ReModel Consultants International Ltd
Jo is methodical, creative and totally trustworthy. My business wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful without her calm efficiency and great business tool knowledge! She is an excellent designer for dashboards and spreadsheets. Her spreadsheets are accurate, with a clean, clear design and do the job! She understands what customers might want but always checks and makes great suggestions. My pharmaceutical industry clients often want detailed analytics from customer transaction metrics – Jo built the spreadsheet tools and dashboards to enable this solution. She’s also built tools for competency frameworks to show gaps and excellence across teams. Most recently Jo has built a membership website and marketing system (including published book) for my Global Regulatory Resource for Medical Information in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She keeps to the budget and deadlines and is easy to work with!
Sharon Leighton
Director, Sharon Leighton Consultancy Ltd
We have a lot going on at once and Jo helps a lot with technical ability and in keeping momentum going. Some of our ideas are complex to get your head around from an outside perspective and she gets to grips very quickly. Jo is good at managing multiple and disparate personality types, the process is very easy and projects run quickly and smoothly.
Will Eves
Regional Manager, American Express
Jo built this incredibly easy to work with solution, that makes what was a nightmarishly difficult job in to something that’s very quick and easy. Working with Jo was an absolute pleasure. She took all the complexities away. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s saved us so much time and we’re so pleased that we worked with her.
Dave Collins
Google Whisperer, SEO Promotions
Jo has added significant value to our excel documents, data analysis and presentations – and most recently been our voice on social media which has attracted attention and comment worldwide. She is always prepared to go the extra micrometre – uncovering the little details that, in precision dental product terms, make a big difference.
Dan Hodgson
Sales Manager, Prima Dental Group
Jo Sparkes is absolutely amazing. She put together a formula with lots of conditional clauses and it works like magic! I was so impressed, and it stopped me from banging my head on the desk. Jo is a life saviour and a true expert in Excel. If you need to present your data in an easy-to-understand and clear way – she’s the one!
David Garcia-Gonzalez
Director, GoLocalise Ltd
Joanne Sparkes is an Excel genius. I had a massive excel challenge. Jo jumped to the rescue and fixed this mammoth task in 2 hours flat. Lifesaver. Thanks Jo! Don’t waste time trying to figure out your Excel challenge, just ask Jo.
Laura Moxham
Director, Your Business Angels
Thank you so much, we have been trying to work out how to create this Excel document for about 6 months and it’s been taking up far too much of my time! I wish I’d sent it over to you sooner, not only does it now do what I need it to do, it also looks really cool. I showed it to my staff today and they were all very excited to see how good it looked! Amazing service as always Joanne.
Mark Rose
Director, Boosh 365
Joanne quickly and smoothly created a solution that looked professional and met all our requirements. We could confidently take the end product to our clients and it slim lined our working processes.
Tom Winyard
Costs Lawyer, T M Costings Ltd
Thanks for the dashboard. Your work looks amaze-balls.
Stuart Morrison
Director, Mister Metric
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Boy, you’re good. The spreadsheet looks and feels far nicer. Awesome!
Helen Sanders
Managing Director, Wingrove Tailored
Jo has been able to make Excel look less like a spreadsheet (with grids and tables) and more like a high-end presentation.
Jonty Pearce
Director, Call Centre Helper
I am very pleased with the spreadsheets as they’ve worked a treat and wow’d my clients.
Paul Stephenson
Finance Director, Results International Ltd
So very impressed. Thank you millions!!!
Scott Logan
Group Transport Manager, WJ North Limited
Our spreadsheets have now been in use for a number of months and a complicated task has become much simpler and easier for others to understand.
Frances Davidson
QC Supervisor, Hyaltech Ltd