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Do you Know Your Numbers?

… because the success of your business depends on it.

How do you know whether your average sales are going up or down, whether your latest online promotion is performing better than your last or where you’re getting the best return for your advertising spend?

For you to know the answers you need to have the right systems in place, you need to be collecting the right data, then you need to be able to analyse and make sense of it all.

Spreadsheets, Dashboards and Data Visualisation are my passion. Wherever your data is we can find the right way to get the answers you need.

And if you’re in the process of setting up an online business, I’ve got a wealth of techy experience to get you going and to ensure your digital marketing is data-driven from the start.

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Work with Me

Spreadsheet Design

Forever the ultimate data analysis tool. I can make new, beautiful, bespoke spreadsheets or fix up the ones you already have. Let me worry about all the formulas, macros and pivottables and make you something you’ll love to use.

Website Services

Getting you online, quickly, and with all the elements in place for continued digital marketing is how we can help. We only use WordPress, with the Divi theme, but that doesn’t mean your options are limited. If you want to get going with an online shop, or a membership site then take a look at some we’ve already done.

Hello, Nice to Meet You!

I’m Jo Sparkes and I love to help online business owners to organise, analyse and visualise their data.

With over 30 years experience creating and automating spreadsheets, and 16 years running my own online business, I’m ready to help you know and use your numbers to grow your business, to make marketing decisions based on data and use online technology so you can scale in a data-driven way.

What my Clients say

Jo is methodical, creative and totally trustworthy. My business wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful without her calm efficiency and great business tool knowledge!

Most recently Jo has built a membership website and marketing system (including published book) for my Global Regulatory Resource for Medical Information in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She keeps to the budget and deadlines and is easy to work with!

Sharon Leighton

Director, Sharon Leighton Consultancy

This website is absolutely brilliant and I could not be more pleased with it. To work with you was an inspired choice!
Paul Woodcock

Consultant, SafeTGuard

Slowly the list of ‘Excel experts’ who said they could do what I needed dwindled down until there was only one “Jo” and she turned out the spreadsheet just as I requested.

I cannot praise her enough; she was the only one who was able to do this for me. She is truly in a league of her own!

John Wickham

Director, Flexible Heating Finance Ltd

Joanne Sparkes is an Excel genius. I had a massive excel challenge. Jo jumped to the rescue and fixed this mammoth task in 2 hours flat. Lifesaver. Thanks Jo!

Don’t waste time trying to figure out your Excel challenge, just ask Jo.

Laura Moxham

Director, Your Business Angels

Thank you so much Jo for all of your help, creativity, understanding and getting exactly what I was looking for in a website. I’m so pleased with it! Thank You 

Lorraine Lingard Williams

Owner, Body Holistic

Jo built this incredibly easy to work with spreadsheet solution, that makes what was a nightmarishly difficult job in to something that’s very quick and easy.

Working with Jo was an absolute pleasure. She took all the complexities away. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s saved us so much time and we’re so pleased that we worked with her.

Dave Collins

Google Whisperer, Software Promotions

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