Income & Expense Tracker

It’s almost that time of year again – when carrier bags of business receipts, full to the top, need to be put in to some kind of organisation for a self-assessment tax return.

Well I have a system for that, and of course it’s a spreadsheet!  It’s the same one I use if you’re one of my clients and I’m making it available to you.

So, if your accounting needs are simple – and you want to make the job of organising your invoices and receipts in to a profit and loss statement, and having the right numbers for the right boxes on the self-employment tax return, super duper easy – then you need to have a copy.

It’s also Expedio’s 17th birthday this week, and this year we thought we’d celebrate and show our appreciation by signing up to buy one, give one. For every Income and Expense Tracker that’s purchased we’ll be giving one day of bookkeeping training to a woman in need in Malawi… and it takes a bit longer than a day to get good at it so I’d really love to donate a year!


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