A new advent calendar, and a competition

It’s that time of year again – and you know how much I love to make you a present of a spreadsheet advent calendar!

This year, I’m in very celebratory mood and thought I’d add in a little competition too, my gift to you so that you will be excited to be tracking your business numbers next year.

The spreadsheet contains macros so you may be asked to allow them and enable content as you open it up.

Behind every door you’ll see that in addition to the usual festive picture there’s a letter. Collect all 25 letters (be patient, you can’t collect them all at once) then, once you have them all, rearrange them in to a very well known Christmas song. One that you’ll probably be fed up of hearing by Christmas Eve!

If you get the answer right you’ll be entered in to a draw to win a copy of “Information is Beautiful” by David McCandless, which brings together data about our world in a lovely book full of stunning infographics and data visualisations.

Then, drum roll, there’s the big prize…

One lucky winner, that I will personally choose from the entries, will win a spreadsheet makeover.

If you’re struggling along with a spreadsheet that you made yonks ago, that you’re not quite sure if the formulas are right, that’s a pain in the neck, that maybe 15 other people have amended over the years so you’re not sure what bits affect other bits – then you can relax, because I’m going to fix it up for you, make it beautiful and make it a pleasure to use.

  • I’ll check all the formulas, make sure they’re right and picking up the right information.
  • I’ll make sure you’re using the right Excel features to access the answers you’re looking for.
  • I’ll add in some relevant charts and data visualisations so you can really start tracking your progress or get regular reports
  • I’ll make sure it’s working in your company branding with your own colours and logos.

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the advent calendar spreadsheet and submit your entry on my website by 5pm on Monday 7th January.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas and every success for 2019!

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