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There’s three elements to the growth of your business. You need a great strategy, you need the right tools and systems and then you need actionable metrics so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

I’m Jo Sparkes, and first and foremost I’m obsessed with numbers, tech and productivity – At the same time I’m very creative and appreciate good design. I apply all this to the setup of websites, dashboards and spreadsheets.

I’ve been supporting my clients online since 2003. I’d love to help you create your dream online business, with efficient automated tools and systems. Then let me show you where the opportunities are in your numbers so you can scale up.

Joanne Sparkes

the success of your business depends on it

You have to Know Your Numbers

How do you know whether your average sales are going up or down, whether your latest online promotion is performing better than your last or where you’re getting the best return for your advertising spend?

For you to know the answers you need to have the right systems in place, you need to be collecting the right data, then you need to be able to analyse and make sense of it all.

Spreadsheets, Dashboards and Data Visualisation are my passion. Wherever your data is we can find the right way to get the answers you need.

For your online business, I’ve got a wealth of techy experience to get you going with the right tools and to ensure your digital marketing is data-driven from the start. I can help you set up websites, online courses, email marketing, CRMs and publish your books, making sure I do everything I can to help you profit from your expertise.

Work with Me

Spreadsheet Design

Forever the ultimate data analysis tool. I can make new, beautiful, bespoke spreadsheets or fix up the ones you already have. Let me worry about all the formulas, macros and pivottables and make you something you’ll love to use.

Website Services

Getting you online, quickly, and with all the elements in place for continued digital marketing is how we can help. If you want to get online, start an online shop, or a membership site then take a look at some we’ve already done.

Proud to have created spreadsheets for: